SP Central Telepharmacy for Sterile Room Medication Preparation Brochure

The University of Kansas Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy uses ScriptPro’s SP Central Telepharmacy system in their IV Admixture Area to safely and accurately prepare chemotherapy intravenous compounds.

Order Preparation – Inpatient Pharmacy

1. Pharmacist processes the order on the pharmacy information system and prints the prescription work label.
2. Pharmacist verifies the work label against the physician’s order.
3. Technician retrieves the work label, chemo medication, and supplies necessary to prepare the chemotherapy.
4. Pharmacist checks the medication vials against the work label.

Technician Filling – Sterile Room Medication Preparation

Sterile Room Med Prep (SRMP) Step 55. Scrubbed and gowned technician enters the chemotherapy clean room with the work label and medications.
Sterile Room Med Prep (SRMP) Step 66. Using the SP Checkpoint, technician scans the barcode on the chemo vial. The SP Checkpoint confirms that the chemo vial matches the medication as entered in the pharmacy information system.
Sterile Room Med Prep (SRMP) Step 77. Technician draws the chemo medication into the syringe. She then places the syringe and medication vial onto the Inspection Camera platform, located in the biological safety cabinet.
Sterile Room Med Prep (SRMP) Step 8 & 108. Technician takes an inspection image of the work label, filled syringe, medication vial, and the lot # and expiration date on the medication vial.
Sterile Room Med Prep (SRMP) Step 99. If needed, technician selects the Inspection Call button to call the pharmacist to ask a question about preparing the order.
Sterile Room Med Prep (SRMP) Step 8 & 1010. Technician injects the medication into the fluid bag and takes an inspection image of the bag.

11. The technician scans her operator ID badge to complete the fill.

12. To prevent contamination in the ante room, the technician disposes of the empty medication vial and syringe in the chemo preparation area and delivers the prepared IV bag to the ante room for verification.

Note: Previously, pharmacists had to handle potentially contaminated empty syringes and vials during verification.

Pharmacist Verification – Ante Room

Sterile Room Med Prep (SRMP) Step 13 & 1413. Pharmacist selects the patient’s prescription record on the SP Checkpoint and verifies the prescription by viewing the inspection images of the prescription work label, syringe, medication vial, and fluid bag. Pharmacist also physically reviews the final product.

14. Pharmacist scans his operator ID badge to complete verification.

“We wanted to minimize assumptions when verifying chemotherapy medications. We selected ScriptPro Telepharmacy, and our program is providing the assurances we want.”

—Brian O’Neal, MS, PharmD, Assistant Director of Pharmacy
University of Kansas Hospital, Department of Pharmacy

Inspection images may be enlarged onscreen by the user.

Sterile Room Med Prep (SRMP) - Close Up Screen Images

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