Click calculator to determine hourly rate for hiring an SP 200 Robot in your pharmacy. When it comes to automation, ScriptPro is the worldwide leader for pharmacy software and pharmacy systems.
Blog, March, 2014 Exploring Opportunities in Telepharmacy Services By Mike Coughlin Mike Coughlin gives a video tour of the history of Telepharmacy, from 2000 through today. The future holds many opportunities for using Telepharmacy to promote better healthcare. >more
Blog, February, 2014 Got a Small Pharmacy? ScriptPro Will Fit! By Mike Coughlin Over the years I have visited many pharmacies in New York City to learn about their needs and how ScriptPro might help them. Often I found pharmacies that were incredibly busy but also had very small space constraints. These pharmacies tend to be the mainstays of neighborhoods with very loyal customers who appreciate the owner knowing their name and medical history. >more
Blog, January, 2014 Transforming Your Independent Pharmacy into a Profitable, Scalable Business by Mike Coughlin NCPA published a shocking study a few months ago. It showed that, in 2012, 23.6% of retail pharmacies were operating at a loss. In 2006 the statistic was just 12.4%. The study covers all retail settings – independent, chain, supermarket, etc. >more
News The case for pour and count pharmaceutical packaging THIS ARTICLE will compare the two major delivery systems for prescription drugs, namely the “pour and count”(P&C) system generally used in the United States and Canada, and the “unit of use” (UOU) system found in Europe and other parts of the world. >more
Blog, December, 2013 Biometrics…Coming To A Pharmacy Near You ScriptPro has entered into a multi-year licensing agreement with Xelios Biometrics in which Xelios will supply biometric authentication technology to be used in the ScriptPro pharmacy automation and management systems. >more
News, September, 2013 The Quest to Find a Moore’s Law for Health Care by Mike Coughlin I participated in the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Leadership Roundtable at the recent NACDS Total Store Expo in Las Vegas. The discussion was led by Jim Collins, researcher and author of Good to Great, a well-known book on business leadership.

Collins gave the group a number of topics to think about. Near the end of the meeting he threw out a question: “Is there a Moore’s law applicable to health care?” We had very little time to discuss it, but here are some thoughts on the issue. >more
Press Release, September, 2013 ScriptPro Certified with Appriss NPLEx ScriptPro announces that its SP Central Pharmacy Management System Point of Sale now interfaces with the Appriss NPLEx (National Precursor Log Exchange) system. NPLEx is a real-time electronic logging system used by pharmacies and law enforcement agencies in 22 states to track and control sales of over-the-counter (OTC) products that can be used to produce the highly addictive drug, methamphetamine. >more
Press Release, August, 2013 QR Codes: Quick Access to Information for Pharmacy Customers ScriptPro automation products now have the ability to print QR (Quick Response) barcodes on a pharmacy’s prescription label to allow a patient to more easily manage refills and communicate with the pharmacy. >more
Press Release, April, 2013 ScriptPro Expands Line of Compact Robotic System (CRS) Joining CRS (with 75 cells), which boasts the smallest footprint in the ScriptPro robotics lineup, are the CRS 150 and the CRS 225. >more
News, February, 2013 Rewriting the Pharmacy Script Increasing pharmacy efficiency within the military health system. ScriptPro’s robotic, workflow and telepharmacy systems increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes in the DoD and Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics. >more
News, December, 2012 Pacific Pharmacy Enhances Partnership with ScriptPro By: Nancy DeGuire ‘89

, A publication of the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Over the course of the past 10 years, we have utilized not only the ScriptPro robot, but also the SP Central Work Flow System, and now we will be incorporating the pharmacy management system in our simulation lab.  >more
Press Release, January, 2013 ScriptPro Ranked #1 by KLAS for Second Year in a Row The healthcare IT research firm, KLAS recently published its annual report, 2012 Best in KLAS Award: Software & Services. The report shows that for the second year in a row, ScriptPro customers ranked SP Central Pharmacy Management System #1 in the category of Software Solutions—Pharmacy – Outpatient (Retail). >more
Press Release, January, 2012 ScriptPro Ranked #1 by KLAS >more
Press Release, September, 2011 Compact Robotic System (CRS) ScriptPro introduces a sleek new addition to its line of robotic prescription dispensing systems, the Compact Robotic System (CRS). CRS has the smallest footprint in the ScriptPro robotics lineup, requiring only 7 sq. ft. of space. >more
Press Release, May, 2011 ScriptPro Perfect Integration in Chinatown (NYC) ScriptPro’s advanced technology ensures prescriptions are filled safely, accurately, and efficiently—enabling eRxCity’s professional staff to focus on providing personalized service and better care to its customers. >more
Press Release, September, 2010 National Institutes of Health Chooses ScriptPro for Pharmacy Automation ScriptPro’s robotic dispensing, pharmacy management, and drug information systems will be implemented in the National Institutes of Health to assist in the internal control and identification of drugs and enhance the safety and efficiency of medication dispensing and use by patients. >more
Press Release, April, 2010 U.S. Navy Pharmacies improve patient care with Telepharmacy After testing all available telepharmacy systems, ScriptPro’s Telepharmacy was the only product found to meet the high standards established by the Navy to ensure that patients receive the same high quality care via remote interaction with their pharmacist as they would if the patient and pharmacist were face to face. The largest Telepharmacy rollout in history is now underway. >more
ComputerTalk, December, 2009 ’09 Hospital Buyers Guide Featured Pharmacist, Jim Germano, R.Ph. CT: What motivated you to select ScriptPro?

Germano: I was already familiar with their robotics from experience in retail pharmacy. When it comes to the workflow, I really feel that they have a product that creates a strong safety profile, with all the barcoding and the ability to see the tablet image on the screen when you are verifying the prescription.  >more
ComputerTalk, October, 2009 Filling a Void How a progressive regional chain in the upper Midwest uses telepharmacy to provide service to a community in need. “We didn’t spend a lot of time looking at competitive systems,” Gallagher says. “Since we already had a positive relationship with ScriptPro, we decided to go down and look at what they had, and we were really impressed.” 

Gallagher especially liked ScriptPro’s data storage capabilities that he says allow retention of pill, prescription hard copy, and other images for an unlimited amount of time. >more
Pharmacy Purchasing & Products, September, 2009 SP Central Telepharmacy Working with the System Though bringing this system on board did not enable us to reduce our staff levels, it has enabled us to make better use of the pharmacists that we have by allowing them to check products remotely at their convenience, thereby eliminating the need for a pharmacist to be physically present at the time of compounding. Most importantly, this process adds a safeguard to our chemotherapy preparation process. We can now replicate the impact of having a pharmacist present at the point of admixture by having them review all admixture steps retrospectively. >more
America's Pharmacist, September, 2009 Automation Now? You’ve got to be kidding me Automation can be expensive, so how can I rationalize it in the present economy? Now, more than ever, may actually be the best time. Let's evaluate.

We have always fought battles with the insurers, chains, credit card companies, discount card issuers, and everyone else that can figure a way to extract dollars out of our pharmacies. We do not expect that to change or get better. But we have survived. Our profession has always been a battlefield, so the national economy is just another skirmish. >more
Press Release, August, 2009 Scientist Calls for Federal Review of Exposure Issue Personal Exposure Monitors Show Pharmacy Workers Inhale Drugs When Using Air Pressure-Activated Dispensing Machines AlburtyLab released a report on its comprehensive evaluation of health risks for workers in pharmacies using air pressure-activated drug dispensing machines. The study tested pharmacy workers wearing personal exposure monitors (PEMs) while using the two leading types of air pressure-activated dispensing technologies – the McKesson/Parata Max and the McKesson/Parata RDS. This is the third major study conducted by AlburtyLab examining the issues relating to pharmacy worker exposure. >more
Press Release, August, 2009 Dr. Ralph Keller in peer review reaffirms potential workplace dangers Scientist Calls for Federal Review to Protect Workers in Pharmacies Using Air Pressure-Driven Pill Dispensing Machines A leading U.S. aerosol scientist released his analysis, adding further questions about risks posed to workers in pharmacies using air-pressure activated pill dispensing machines. Two machines of this type are presently in use – McKesson/Parata RDS and McKesson/Parata Max. >more
America's Pharmacist, July, 2009 Mister Cory's Neighborhood It’s said that a pessimist sees a glass as half empty, and an optimist views it as half full. As for Tom Cory, RPh, you’ll probably need a bigger glass to keep the water from spilling over the top.

Cory, born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts, is owner of Standard Pharmacy, located only a few blocks away from where he grew up. He describes himself as “the local guy who made good and came home.” >more
Govt. report from NIOSH:  Exposures to Pharmaceutical Dust in Pharmacies Using Automatic Dispensing
Govt. report from NIOSH: Exposures to Pharmaceutical Dust in Pharmacies Using Automatic Dispensing

The Health Hazard Evaluation Program received a request from an outpatient pharmacy. The employer was concerned about employee exposures to pharmaceutical dust.

CDC's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).  Health hazard evaluation report: evaluation of pharmaceutical dust exposures at an outpatient pharmacy. By Fent KW, Durgam S*, Methner M. Cincinnati, OH: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, NIOSH HETA No. 2010-0078-3177.

Note: NIOSH is planning a large study that will include a specific focus on dispensing machines employing air pressure.

*Currently with General Electric, Niskayuna, New York.

ScriptPro's CRS robot delivers up to 150 prescriptions per hour. NEW: CRS Robots

The Compact Robotic System product line has expanded to include new robot sizes for small pharmacy spaces:

CRS - 75 dispensing cells, 7 sq. ft.
CRS 150 - 150 dispensing cells, 9.5 sq. ft.
CRS 225 - 225 dispensing cells, 12.1 sq. ft.

View Video of CRS Compact Robotic System robot line (9:40)

ScriptPro Interface with Eyecon®
ScriptPro Interface with Eyecon® Rely on ScriptPro’s Eyecon Interface to support accurate manual fills and double counts, allowing your staff to focus on other important tasks such as customer service and quality assurance. >more
SP Central Pitney Bowes Shipping Integration
SP Central Pitney Bowes Shipping Integration ScriptPro’s SP Central Pharmacy Management and Workflow Systems offer perfect integration with Pitney Bowes SendSuite Live™ to provide an unbeatable prescription mailing solution. >more
Focus on... Multiple Inventories
Focus on... Multiple Inventories ScriptPro’s SP Central Pharmacy Management System automates everything you need to fill, track, order, and maintain compliance when processing prescriptions from segregated inventories, such as for 340B patients or employees. >more
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