• Perfect Integration, Perpetual Inventory, and Seamless Go Live with SP Central Pharmacy Management System

  • By ScriptPro
    June 10, 2014

    ScriptPro Perfect Integration

    What makes ScriptPro’s SP Central Pharmacy Management System so valuable? Here are just a few measurable ways it will change and improve the way you practice pharmacy!

    SP Central provides perfect integration from point of entry to point of sale. This includes updates to patient insurance information at the point of sale register, and resubmittal of the claim without returning the item to stock or losing a signature.

    Another benefit is perpetual inventory. ScriptPro’s SP Central Pharmacy Management System creates, sends, and receives purchase orders for pharmaceutical and retail items, downloads acquisition pricing on the supplier’s schedule, and segregates inventories– including ordering and tracking pricing separately (340B split billing).

    Our customer service has a reputation for excellence, and our employees are right there with you to create a seamless go-live for your business. ScriptPro has dedicated on-site training and a customer account representative. Our proven data conversion has a 100% success rate of no delay or interruptions during go live.

    When it comes to pharmacy management, ScriptPro brings value to the pharmacy experience through flawless integration, continuous inventory, and a stress-free go live process with a level of customer care unmatched in the industry.

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