• Medical Technology via Mobile Applications – ScriptPro’s RefillPro

  • By ScriptPro
    October 1, 2015

    As technology changes, so is the way ScriptPro works to provideRefillPro App the tools you need to stay engaged with your patient population.

    RefillPro is a mobile application that allows your customers a way to refill prescriptions and get information about your pharmacy on their smartphone or tablet. The app is free for your customers to download and makes refilling their prescriptions easier than ever. Medical technology is changing and ScriptPro is changing with it, in order to meet your needs.

    RefillPro App screenHere are just a few features of RefillPro:

    • Connect to the pharmacy by phone number
    • Submit refill requests by number entry or barcode scan
    • Request refill authorizations
    • Select pickup options such as pickup, mail, or delivery

    With RefillPro your customers no longer need to call your pharmacy or appear in person to request a refill. Using this new medical technology, they can just enter their prescription number or scan the barcode on their previous prescription to submit a refill. Prescriptions will be entered straight into your pharmacy’s prescription queue to be filled. Customers also may request refill authorizations for prescriptions that are out of refills or expired.

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