About ScriptPro Pharmacy Automation

  • ScriptPro Company Information

  • ScriptPro is a technology company founded in 1994. Corporate headquarters are in the Kansas City area.

    The company's initial product, the SP 200 Robotic Prescription Dispensing System, pioneered the use of robotics in community pharmacies.

    Today, ScriptPro offers a comprehensive line of over 200 pharmacy automation and management system products that have revolutionized pharmacy operations in the U.S., Canada, and many other countries. 

    ScriptPro products operate in thousands of independent, chain, hospital, supermarket, and government pharmacies.

    • Many large chain pharmacies have standardized operations around the ScriptPro robotic model.
    • Leading hospitals in the U.S and around the world use ScriptPro systems to ensure accuracy and patient safety.
    • Over 300 Veterans Administration and public health system hospitals rely on ScriptPro robotics-enabled workflow systems to care for their patients.
    • The Department of Defense deploys ScriptPro telepharmacy equipment at bases around the world to make pharmacists available wherever needed.

    ScriptPro has grown through invention and product development rather than through acquisition. It owns the core technologies utilized, and manufactures, sells, installs, and supports all of its products.

    Mission Statement

    ScriptPro provides a comprehensive, integrated platform of robotics-enabled systems to optimize retail and ambulatory pharmacy operations, promoting safe and effective medication use and adherence, including support for specialty pharmacy services, high-risk/high cost medications, 340B dispensing, home-based patient medication adherence, and third party financial management.

    From independent retail pharmacies to large health systems, ScriptPro technology and expertise enable pharmacies to participate in the healthcare system at the highest levels.


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  • ScriptPro Management Team

  • Mike Coughlin, President & CEO, ScriptPro Pharmacy Automation

    Mike Coughlin
    President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

    I've always had a strong desire to make things work well. Whether it's running ScriptPro, manufacturing the SP 200, or developing our "perfect integration" model for pharmacies, I enjoy contributing to the mechanisms and processes that make enterprises like yours and ours really work.

    We truly appreciate that you, our customers, have given us the opportunity to provide systems and services that you depend on every day to run your business. It's a privilege to have your trust, and a responsibility that we are honored to shoulder.

    Many of you visit ScriptPro and say you sense excitement and energy here. The true source of that feeling is you. Our desire to earn your trust and confidence is a powerful, motivating force. We like doing that job.

    Thanks again for choosing ScriptPro as your automation partner.

    -Mike Coughlin
    President, CEO and CFO, ScriptPro 

    Today's Leaders in Pharmacy Automation

    William J. Thomas
    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

    Sherry Coughlin
    Executive Vice President and Director of Facilities Design

    Tracy I. Thomas
    Executive Vice President and Director of Field Operations

    Claire P. Cunningham
    Executive Vice President and Director of Customer Care

    Ronald A. Leonard
    Vice President, Engineering

    Jeffrey P. Knight
    Vice President, Software Development

    Matt Wigdahl 
    Vice President, Software Technology

    Christopher A. Duffy
    Vice President, Information Services and Chief Information Officer

    Shafi U. Shilad
    Vice President, Business Development

  • ScriptPro Worldwide

  • Headquarters
    ScriptPro USA Inc.
    5828 Reeds Road
    Mission, KS 66202-2740

    ScriptPro International Inc.
    5828 Reeds Road 
    Mission, KS 66202-2740

    913.384.1008 - Tel
    913.432.4735 - Fax

    800.606.7628 - Tel
    913.384.4296 - Fax

    ScriptPro Canada Ltd. 
    666 Burrard Street, #500 
    Vancouver, BC V6C 3P6
    604.639.3147 - Tel

    ScriptPro Caribbean Inc. 
    530 Ave. de la Constitucion   
    San Juan 00901-2304   
    Puerto Rico   

    Hong Kong 
    Deltason Medical Limited   
    Unit 317, 3/F, Lakeside 1, Phase 2,    
    8 Science Park West Avenue   
    Hong Kong Science Park,    
    Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong   
    +852 2416 8321 -Telh   
    +852 2437 9407 - Fax   
    E-mail: info@deltason.com

    Middle East
    Arabian Health Care Supply Co.   
    P.O. Box 8772, Riyadh 11492   
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   
    +966 (1) 474.7444 - Office   
    +966 (1) 474.9414 - Fax 

    Motion Corp. 
    Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos #2777  
    Del. Álvaro Obregón  
    Mexico City, Mexico 01080  
    Telephone +525553772170 

    Supreme Products Co., Ltd.  
    449 and 451 Somdejprapinklao Road  
    Bangyeekhan, Bangplad  
    Bangkok 10700 Thailand  
    +662.434.0040 - Office  
    +66 (2883) 49681 - Fax