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  • Long-Term Care (LTC)

  • Are you interested in incorporating long-term care (LTC) prescription filling into your current pharmacy practice? Maybe you already offer some LTC services but need help! ScriptPro systems can be utilized for long-term care prescription processing.

    Prescription billing, labeling, barcode scanning, prescription tracking, and MAR and physician order form printing all reduce prescription processing time and increase patient safety.

    Barcode scanning and on-screen drug images improve filling accuracy and job satisfaction among pharmacy staff. The system can maintain separate queues and pages for LTC prescriptions and batch dispense by facility.

    Just a few of ScriptPro's innovative LTC features include:

    • MAR and Physician Order form printing
    • Flexible billing for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial third party plans
    • Custom prescription labels for cassettes, blister packs, and more
    • Facility and resident accounts receivable, including responsible party billing
    • Detailed patient location, medication, ancillary orders, and diet tracking by facility and patient
    • Invoice reports for all prescriptions delivered to facility
    • Batch dispensing and assignment of inventory stock by facility
    • Custom long-term care queues, priorities, and batching workflow
    • On-screen drug images during filling and verification
    • Line drawing and description of drug on prescription label for pharmacist and nurse verification
    • Remote electronic signature capture of person signing for prescription delivery at LTC facility

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    ScriptPro Assists UK Healthcare with 5-Yr. Ambulatory Goal

    UK Healthcare, Customer Since 2011

    ScriptPro Assists UK Healthcare with 5-Yr. Ambulatory Goal

    "We invested in ScriptPro robotics and it's Pharmacy Management System. This is end-to-end systems integration at its best. We use their Enterprise Platform to centrally manage pharmacy operations and consolidate patient and drug information across our clinics. ScriptPro was more expensive, but we're seeing a great return on that tactical investment. When you're trying to make major changes and expand the role of pharmacy in an academic setting like ours, it's imperative to have a durable, highly functional infrastructure to support it all." 

    High Performance Pharmacy Management System Boosts Pharmacy

    Live Oak Pharmacy, Customer Since 2009

    High Performance Pharmacy Management System Boosts Pharmacy

    According to Reggie, "SP Central Pharmacy Management offers many features that make our processes easier, yet much more secure, because every step is tracked. It groups the patient's order together during data entry, technician filling, pharmacist verification, and point of sale to ensure all the prescriptions stay together and leave with the patient. It also gives a detailed status for each prescription within the patient order, such as On Hold for Prior Auth, Refill Too Soon, Partial Fill, Out of Stock, Verified, or Waiting in Will Call bins.

    "ScriptPro makes it so easy to run dual or multiple inventories, such as 340B, because inventory management happens behind the scenes. Each script is assigned an inventory, i.e. 340B or regular, at the point of entry. At the end of the month I get a report showing all 340B prescriptions as well as prescriptions from regular inventory."

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  • ScriptPro incorporates robotics, workflow, and pharmacy management software within a unified architecture. We call this Perfect Integration-the complete solution for your pharmacy, engineered and supported by ScriptPro.

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