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  • Sterile Room Medication Preparation (SRMP)

  • ScriptPro has developed a system for use in sterile rooms to more safely and accurately prepare chemotherapy intravenous compounds. Our system, referred to as SRMP, allows the clinical pharmacist to remain outside of the clean room while inspecting the preparation of a chemotherapy drug via images taken of the medication, physician's orders, vials, and pullback syringe. Electronic images are stored for future reference.

    This system eliminates the costly and time-consuming process of scrubbing and gowning to enter the clean room for verification. The process is safer for the pharmacy staff and the patient, as there are many barcode steps and checkpoints to ensure drug accuracy.

    Importance of "real-time" Verification

    Real-time verification with audio and video provides the most stringent method of verification and reduces medication waste. Errors are caught before the medication is injected into the bag, thus reducing errors and waste. The workflow can proceed smoothly, without waiting for the pharmacist to enter the clean room, or for the technician to step out of it. 

    Benefits of a Complete Hardware/Software System vs. Standalone 

    ScriptPro's SRMP is a complete hardware and software solution - you can rely on one source for full installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the equipment and software package.

    Some vendors simply sell standalone software, leaving you with the responsibility of having to buy the various hardware components, as well as configure and set up the system yourself. Additionally, those components are not supported by the software vendor. 

    ScriptPro handles it all for you! Our customer service is all-inclusive, meaning fully supported and maintained software and hardware, including inspection camera, desktops, touchscreens, etc.  


    Sterile Room Medication Preparation (SRPM)

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    A Grand Pharmacy Plan for the Grand Canyon Testimonial

    North Country HealthCare, Customer Since 2010

    A Grand Pharmacy Plan for the Grand Canyon

    She finally found the solution while at the ASHP Conference - ScriptPro's Telepharmacy. Using telepharmacy would allow North Country to provide onsite pharmacy services at the health centers in the Grand Canyon and Kingman, AZ.

    However, Arizona currently does not have rules and regulations for telepharmacy. Mary Lou explained, "We had to present to the State Board of Pharmacy to request a waiver to operate telepharmacy. ScriptPro helped guide us through the process and came with us for the presentation to the Board. We were granted the waiver for the Grand Canyon and Kingman locations."

    A pharmacist in the North Country HealthCare pharmacy in Flagstaff uses telepharmacy to verify prescriptions and counsel patients while certified pharmacy technicians working at the Grand Canyon and Kingman medical centers dispense the prescriptions.

    Telepharmacy Keeps Remote Town Pharmacy Open Testimonial

    People’s Drug Mart, Customer Since 2009

    Telepharmacy Keeps Remote Town Pharmacy Open

    "We went with ScriptPro because it has many safety checks that other systems don't have. As a pharmacist, I needed to be comfortable with the security level at the remote location. With another system we considered, the stock bottle isn't scanned during the dispensing process. If the technician chooses a stock bottle of the wrong strength, there wouldn't be a process to catch it.

    "With ScriptPro's Telepharmacy the prescription is scanned by the technician and entered into the system. If the technician presents the incorrect bottle of medication or the wrong strength, the prescription won't be processed. The technician takes a picture of the medication and I see it with the original prescription. Then I counsel the patient via a video and audio connection."

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  • ScriptPro incorporates robotics, workflow, and pharmacy management software within a unified architecture. We call this Perfect Integration-the complete solution for your pharmacy, engineered and supported by ScriptPro.

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