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  • ScriptPro Interface with Eyecon

  • ScriptPro and Eyecon® (by GSE) have teamed up to integrate SP Central Workflow, SP Central Pharmacy Management, and ScriptPro Robotic Systems with the Eyecon tabletop tablet/capsule counting device.

    The Eyecon uses a Visual Counting System™ to count filled prescriptions, verify prescription double counts, and facilitate physical inventory counts (including verifying robot cell quantities).

    ScriptPro's Interface with Eyecon integrates the counting accuracy of the Eyecon with the efficient workflow inherent in SP Central.

    Simply scan the ScriptPro label barcode on the Eyecon to initiate the count-all information required to complete a manual count was sent to the device when the ScriptPro label was generated.

    Eyecon product details:

    • Counts poured pills in 200ms and updates the count on-screen five times per second
    • Recognizes broken tablets and foreign matter on the tray and will alert users to the problem
    • Easy to clean, with no hidden compartments, and comes with separate trays for counting sulfa and penicillin drugs to prevent cross-contamination

    Now you can rely on Eyecon and ScriptPro's Eyecon Interface to support accurate manual fills, double counts, and physical inventory counts, allowing your staff to focus on other important tasks such as customer service and quality assurance.

    Download PDF:  ScriptPro Interface with Eyecon


    Eyecon tablet & capsule tabletop counting device.


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