• Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems

  • Robotic dispensing can fill 30-60% of your daily prescription volume. It does this work with extreme accuracy and safety.

    The robot actually drives the workflow and eliminates chaos in both high and low volume practice settings.

    From the largest hospitals in the world to the smallest retail pharmacies, ScriptPro is freeing up pharmacists' time to provide additional patient care and create new revenue services.

    When you partner with ScriptPro, you can:

    • Manage employment costs and cover peak times without extra staff
    • Track will call, partial fill, and out of stock prescriptions
    • Dispense prescriptions safely and quietly-no air pressurized dispensing 
    • Ensure no cross-contamination-dispenses directly into vial 
    • Easily calibrate cells on-site when drugs change

  • CRS Robot Line

    ScriptPro's CRS robot line is a sleek new addition to ScriptPro's bulk stock dispensing line, automating the repetitive, manual dispensing tasks most subject to human error-and it has the smallest footprint in the ScriptPro robotics lineup. 

    The CRS takes up only 7 sq. ft., the CRS 150 takes up only 9.5 sq.ft., and the CRS 225 takes up only 12.1 sq. ft.

    This robot line requires access from the front of the cabinet only, allowing shelving to be placed against the remaining three sides of the unit. A built-in workspace gives staff a convenient place for cell replenishment and overflow storage. CRS robots interface with the pharmacy management system to fill, label, and deliver up to 150 prescriptions per hour.

    The system contains 75, 150, or 225 universal dispensing cells, which are easily calibrated on-site  by pharmacy staff.

    It has two bulk load vial dispensers and supports a wide variety of vial types and sizes. Because the system fills directly from the dispensing cell into the vial, there is no drug cross-contamination. CRS robots print and apply the prescription and auxiliary labels, and delivers uncapped vials for final inspection and on-screen drug image verification.

    Barcodes are used throughout the process for accuracy and quality control. Pharmacy staff manages the dispensing process from prescription entry to verification of the finished product.


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  • SP Robot Line

    Based on your prescription volume and pharmacy size, you can select the robot that fits your pharmacy perfectly.

    The SP line of robots have several control center sizes to choose from including the popular collating control center that can be configured for your business to help organize patient prescriptions.

    The SP 50 and SP 100 robots have up-gradable cabinets when you're ready to expand your business. ScriptPro's Robotic Prescription Dispensing (SP Line) can be the workhorse behind the pharmacy counter.

    With all ScriptPro robots, you'll experience the following unique advantages:

    • Prescription processing of up to 150 prescriptions per hour
    • Automatic printing and applying of prescription and auxiliary warning label
    • Documented 99.46% uptime rate and counting accuracy of 99.7%
    • Prescription filling rate of 30-60% of daily volume


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    • Storage and Retrieval System

      ScriptPro's Storage and Retrieval System (SRS) provides pharmacies with the most advanced will call management and medication storage solution in the industry.

      A single SRS can internally store up to 90 storage containers (multiple prescriptions per container) within its secure cabinet, and barcode controls bring efficiency and accuracy to prescription dispensing. 

      Compatible with every kind of pharmacy setting, SRS seamlessly integrates with ScriptPro's SP Central Workflow and Pharmacy Systems, as well as non-ScriptPro pharmacy systems, for maximum flexibility.


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    • ScriptPro incorporates robotics, workflow, and pharmacy management software within a unified architecture. We call this Perfect Integration-the complete solution for your pharmacy, engineered and supported by ScriptPro. For more information, please fill out the form and we'll contact you within 24 hours.

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