ScriptPro Inventory Management (SIM)

  • ScriptPro Inventory Management (SIM)

  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency with ScriptPro Inventory Management (SIM). Take the guesswork out of maintaining accurate inventory levels, giving you the insight you need.

    SIM offers real-time inventory tracking, order generation, electronic transmission, and inventory receiving.

    It can be customized for the unique needs of ambulatory and retail pharmacies, as well as governmental institutions. SIM supports the addition of  multiple inventory centers  for 340B, patient assistance programs, etc., with feature-rich virtual inventory segregation.

    ScriptPro supports direct EDI interfaces, including DMLSS, to suppliers and automatic download of supplier catalogs. Robust reports detail drug utilization and facilitate cost management and order savings opportunities.


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  • EHR Integration for Your Pharmacy

  • ScriptPro can implement a complete ambulatory pharmacy system that is integrated with your EHR. With four basic interfaces, ScriptPro's enterprise ambulatory pharmacy platform brings you the powerful and complete system you need! 

    In the chart below, ScriptPro manages all the functions to the right of the blue bar - we do it all!

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  • Testimonials

    Busy urban pharmacy reduces customer wait time and stress on staff

    Starside Drugs, Customer Since 2002

    Busy urban pharmacy reduces customer wait time and stress on staff

    "The SP 200 is a steady worker, more reliable than people. Having the safety features of the robot and SP Central Workflow have increased our accuracy, too. We leave at the end of the day with confidence that we have dispensed accurately. With a staff that's not so tired, we have less chance for a human error.

    "We are filling more prescriptions with the same number of employees but our days are less stressful. The SP 200 and SP Central Workflow are good for our pharmacy and our customers."

    Bruce Smith Drugs holds staffing levels, reduces operating costs

    Bruce Smith Drugs, Customer Since 1999

    Bruce Smith Drugs holds staffing levels, reduces operating costs

    "In the industry, margins on prescriptions are being squeezed. ScriptPro has helped us keep dispensing costs down and reduced operating costs. We've remained profitable by cutting down on our workload and freeing up time for other activities, such as compounding."

    She added, "Our customers are happier because of our increased efficiency and accuracy. They're more at ease because they know their medications go through the safety checks in SP Central and their wait times are down."

     Brigham and Women’s safely dispenses prescriptions with SP Central Workflow

    Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Customer Since 2001

    Brigham and Women’s safely dispenses prescriptions with SP Central Workflow

    "We looked at several options and decided on ScriptPro. The SP 200 was the choice because of its compact size, speed, ease of use, and functionality.

    "One of the pharmacy department's goals was error reduction. So having a system that uses robotics and barcode scanning was vital to meeting this goal. It was also important to have complementary technology that would provide the same safety features in filling nonrobot dispensed medications. This is why we purchased the entire SP Central Workflow System."

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  • ScriptPro incorporates robotics, workflow, and pharmacy management software within a unified architecture. We call this Perfect Integration-the complete solution for your pharmacy, engineered and supported by ScriptPro.

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