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  • The services we provide don't begin and end with our award-winning, 24x7 customer service.

    We provide detailed guidance to new customers through pharmacy layouts, ROI analyses, and utilization reports.

    And, with a proprietary drug database and on-site training, we help you maximize the benefits of your systems.

    "Getting a ScriptPro robot, and later SP Central Workflow, was definitely a worthwhile investment. The ROI is very good with quality products. We have reduced workload on staff and improved accuracy, and continue to do so 15 years and counting."

    -David Vasenden, R.Ph., Owner, Don's Pharmacy, Reno, NV

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    24x7 Customer Service

    Staff technicians are available toll-free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for personalized technical support and operational guidance.

    Customer Service can connect via modem with ScriptPro systems anywhere in the world to assist with trouble-shooting, on-the-spot training and problem solving.

    Automated updates of our drug database are included in the support package so our customers have the most up-to-date information at all times.

  • Drug Database

    ScriptPro has always maintained a proprietary, comprehensive database-including images, auxiliary warnings, drug descriptions, and line drawings. Our drug images provide over 234,000 drug data records and 120,000 images including OTCs, support multiple pictures for the same NDC, and support repackaged medications - with images updated automatically on a regular basis.

    The system's auxiliary warnings make it easy to modify prescriptions quickly and update multiple records simultaneously. We also offer these warnings in several languages.

    Our line drawings on the label provide the precise shape, color, and scoring descriptions used for each tablet or capsule, give front and back drawings of the pill, and show exact pill markings.

    In addition, our drug database provides the same high quality data for OTC, HRI, supply, and compounding items. To keep you current, ScriptPro's Industry Data Resources group obtains new product information daily from pharmaceutical companies. 

    With this comprehensive drug database, ScriptPro is on the cutting edge of technology-helping eliminate errors and taking much of the stress out of daily pharmacy practice.

    ScriptPro maintains a proprietary, comprehensive drug database-including images, auxiliary warnings, drug descriptions, and line drawings.
  • the Site Development Team evaluates, plans, and coordinates the installation and initial startup of every ScriptPro system.

    Pharmacy Layouts

    Pharmacies come in all shapes and sizes. At ScriptPro we have several robot sizes and workflow configurations to best serve your needs and space requirements.

    Working closely with each customer, our System Implementation Team, evaluates, plans, and coordinates the installation and initial startup of every ScriptPro system. During an on-site visit, a Site Preparation Consultant assesses the physical layout and fixtures to ensure the efficient integration of the system into the workflow of the pharmacy.

    ScriptPro works with even the smallest of pharmacy settings-some just 250-400 sq. ft. in size, to successfully help each pharmacy make the best use of their space. Show us the blueprints to your store and we will find the right robot for you!

  • Robot Utilization Report (RUR)

    You want the data and facts about what a robot can do for your business, and we understand that.

    In order to give you the information you need, ScriptPro provides customers and prospective customers with detailed robot utilization reports (RUR).

    By analyzing your top 400 drugs, we can calculate how much work a robot will do for you, such as script volume over a set amount of time, total prescriptions filled, average scripts filled per day, peak days, and peak hours.

    By analyzing your top 400 drugs, ScriptPro's Robot Utlization report (RUR) can calculate how much work a pharmacy robot will do for you.
  • Scriptpro's sales staff will prepare a detailed proposal for your pharmacy automation system.

    ROI Analysis

    Return on investment is a key factor in any major purchase. Customers want to know, "What are we really getting for our money?"

    Our sales staff will prepare a detailed proposal including an investment overview, purchase and pricing terms, a price quote, and a robot utilization report tailored just for your business.

    This information can be shared with your accountant or financial advisor to help you maximize your investment in pharmacy technology.

  • On-site Training

    ScriptPro wants to make sure you and your staff are comfortable running your system.

    After installation, a ScriptPro Trainer works on-site to train the pharmacy staff and oversee the transition to the new pharmacy workflow.

    The Trainer conducts hands-on training sessions in small groups to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the system, evaluates the pharmacy workflow, and provides suggestions for the most productive and efficient workflow.

    Additional Training is available for purchase for pharmacies with more extensive training and/or on-site support needs.

    This training can be arranged as part of the initial sales order or through a Fee Based Service Agreement either Pre- or Post-System Go-Live and is conducted either at the pharmacy location or at ScriptPro Headquarters.

    On-Site Training
  • Request More Information or Call 800.606.7628

  • ScriptPro incorporates robotics, workflow, and pharmacy management software within a unified architecture. We call this Perfect Integration-the complete solution for your pharmacy, engineered and supported by ScriptPro.

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