• CEO Mike Coughlin Presents “Exploring Opportunities in Telepharmacy Services”

  • By Mike Coughlin
    March 4, 2014

    Mike Coughlin, CEO and President of ScriptPro, gives a video tour of the history of Telepharmacy, from 2000 through today. The future holds many opportunities for using Telepharmacy to promote better healthcare.

    Mike covers the very earliest Telepharmacy services offered, which often involved specialized storage machines similar to vending machines. There were limited or no opportunities for patients to speak with a pharmacist about his prescriptions.

    The Telepharmacy of today is much different, offering an engaged and connected experience between patient, remote sites, and the pharmacist.

    The use of audio-visual and barcode technology has greatly improved the Telepharmacy experience. Sites of all kinds—like remote communities, VAs, and hospital sterile rooms—can now benefit.