• Pharmacy Automation Has Pacific Pharmacy Calling ScriptPro “Life Support for Pharmacy”

  • By ScriptPro
    March 24, 2015

    Student using SP 200 robot at Pacific Pharmacy

    When Pacific Pharmacy started to see some dramatic changes taking place in the pharmacy industry, they realized the impending need to expand pharmacist services, enhance technology, and provide better education. Changes in patient demographic, their levels of health literacy, and the increasing complexity of medications have driven the profession in new directions.

    In light of these changes, Pacific Pharmacy knew that to remain in business, they needed to make some adjustments. After doing research and figuring out their specific obstacles, they decided to use ScriptPro to bring them up to speed. ScriptPro was the company that could fulfill all of their pharmacy automation needs.

    Over the past ten years, Pacific Pharmacy has utilized not only the ScriptPro robot, but also the SP Central Workflow System, and now will be incorporating their pharmacy management system in the simulation lab. The SP  Central Workflow System and SP 200 robot provide barcode safety and controls to ensure increased dispensing accuracy. The system also stores prescription processing data and electronic signatures for prescription dispensing. With ScriptPro services, all their pharmacy automation needs are met.

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