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  • Under the Hood: Key Parts of ScriptPro’s Labeling Technology

  • By ScriptPro
    August 26, 2015

    Do you want every label on every one of your pharmacy products to be correct, and impeccably prepared? If so, ScriptPro is a great choice.

    All labels printed by ScriptPro technology include the following standard information:

    • A barcode
    • Auxiliary warnings
    • A line drawing
    • A description of the medication

    Whether a label is printed by a robot or Datapoint, you will find a consistent look to them that resembles your own pharmacy label.

    We offer label printing via direct thermal technology which produces a high quality print image that eliminates the need for expensive carbon ribbons.

    This print technology may even help you meet requirements set by your state board of pharmacy for handling protected patient information since there’s no ribbon to dispose of.

    With all the advantages of every aspect of ScriptPro labeling, we hope customers will see a clear choice when it comes to a labeling system.

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