• Automation Solutions at ScriptPro – Customers May be Surprised by Our Dedication to Making all Features Great

  • By ScriptPro
    October 22, 2015

    Inventory settings, prescription refills and performance reviews, and reporting/monitoring details are all key factors that help keep pharmacies running smoothly. ScriptPro consistently works to make these facets of pharmacy first-class. Below are some customer recognitions of our continuing dedication to these vital areas of business. These users were surprised by some of our customer advantages of automation solutions.

    Inventory Settings
    Glen Rebber, R.Ph., Director of Pharmacy at Family Practice Clinic

    Glen says, “We don’t worry about partial fills. With our robot system, we have the inventory set so the drug is in the pharmacy prior to the low quantity warning on the cells, and those low quantity warnings are set so that we are aware that cells need to be filled prior to them ever running out. I was surprised to see that our inventory actually went down compared to the previous year after setting our inventory values.”

    Prescription Refills and Performance Reviews
    Peter Koo, R.Ph., Owner, Starside Drugs

    Peter says, “I foresee the use of doing prescription refills because sometimes the pharmacy is not busy due to our streamlined workflow, so we use this time to our advantage by doing refills and calling patients to pick up their medication. All the stores perform at a more efficient level for managers – now managers have time to assess work being done by our employees.”


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