• Ongoing Excellence in Customer Service Draws Customers to ScriptPro

  • By ScriptPro
    January 13, 2016

    Time and again, ScriptPro is recognized and praised by customers for our excellent customer service. One of the most rewarding factors for ScriptPro is when a customer decides to choose to purchase ScriptPro over another product because of our dedicated customer service record.

    In a recent video by PharmacyU, Mohamed Walji, Owner, Pharmasave, says he wanted something that would allow him to differentiate himself from his competitors. Walji says,

    “That was customer service. Being able to automatically fill 200 to 300 scripts a day frees up my staff to spend individual time with customers, talking to them, performing consultations and other services like Meds Checks.”

    “All the steps of filling a prescription – getting the drug, sorting, counting, bottling, labeling, and then checking by a pharmacist – are eliminated, and there are a lot fewer errors as well,” notes Walji.

    “ScriptPro robotic dispensing systems have been a ‘godsend’ for my business.”

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    ScriptPro reputation makes a big difference to customers.