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  • Meet Sherry Coughlin

  • By ScriptPro
    April 20, 2016

    Faces of ScriptPro!

    Meet Sherry Coughlin, ScriptPro EVP & Director of Marketing

    “When Mike and I founded ScriptPro in 1994, we believed a robot dispensing prescriptions would be a huge step forward for safety and accuracy in pharmacies. We were guided by focus groups of leading pharmacists who were ‘brutally honest’ about what would work and what would NOT work. That resulted in a three-year period to perfect our robot and get it right before going to market. We definitely got it right—our systems now work for thousands of pharmacies around the world! We really are ‘Changing the Way We Do Pharmacy’—in large part due to our 700+ employees who help ScriptPro make a significant contribution to better healthcare.”

    When not at the office, Sherry enjoys skiing, riding her horse, and spending time with her seven grandchildren.

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