• ‘ScriptMon’ Proactive Monitoring Launched to Better Support Our ScriptPro Customers

  • By ScriptPro
    May 2, 2016


    ScriptPro Customer Service strives to consistently deliver fast, efficient help to our valued customers. In support of this, we recently launched ‘ScriptMon,’ a proactive monitoring system. ScriptMon monitors a customer’s critical services and processes, and reports back to Customer Service with a “heartbeat” message to confirm system health. When a monitored system starts failing, an email is sent to our 24x7x365 Customer Service staff to fix the problem proactively.

    Some of the processes and services ScriptMon monitors are:

    • Primary system operations such as printing services, claims processing, and payment processing
    • Disk space health on primary servers
    • Database backups
    • Temperature
    • Remote Access Server status

    With ScriptMon, our Customer Service team no longer needs to wait for a call from a customer when an issue arises. Instead, we can fix a problem before customers even knew they had one.

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