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  • Year-End Tax Savings on Pharmacy Automation with Section 179

  • By ScriptPro
    October 23, 2017

    ScriptPro Pharmacy Automation with Section 179 Tax SavingsWith the end of the year just around the corner, now is the time to talk to your tax accountant about the Section 179 Deduction. There’s still time to take advantage of tax savings on capital equipment for your pharmacy practice this year!

    Ready to Automate?

    For pharmacy owners ready to grow their business in the New Year, ScriptPro offers a full line of robotic systems. We can walk you through identifying the right ScriptPro robot for your practice based on your prescription volume and ROI expectations.

    From our tiny but mighty Compact Robotic System (CRS) to our flagship SP 200, a ScriptPro robot fills 30-60% of your daily prescription volume with 99.7% accuracy and no cross-contamination.

    ScriptPro Customers Looking to Grow in 2018

    For current ScriptPro customers looking to tap into new growth opportunities, consider upgrading software and point of sale, or tackling inventory management, to advance your practice in 2018.

    Contact ScriptPro today – let us determine the exact robot for your needs or help you plan for additional automation so that you can maximize efficiency and ROI.

    Check out these example tax scenarios for CRS, SP 200, and ScriptPro’s Perfect Integration package.

    * ScriptPro presents analysis for example purposes only. Taxpayers should consult their tax advisors.