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  • Faces of ScriptPro: Meet Matt Perky

  • By ScriptPro
    November 20, 2017

    ScriptPro Senior Technology Program Analyst Matt PerkyMeet ScriptPro Senior Technology Program Analyst Matt Perky

    Technology Program Management focuses on engaging with existing ScriptPro customers to communicate the benefits of the latest ScriptPro technology. This focus helps customers achieve their goals while also helping ScriptPro further its initiatives.

    Matt Perky is specifically responsible for taking over when an existing customer wants to add or reconfigure a product or system. Matt analyzes a customer’s existing configuration, determines what hardware or software is needed for the project, and produces a sales quote that accurately encompasses all costs. This process needs collaboration from many different departments including Technical Sales to determine equipment requirements, System Implementation and Project Management to communicate the scope of a project, Field Operations to discuss project requirements, and the Sales Representative or Customer Account Manager to relay the final scope of the project.

    “I love that my job involves problem solving with a number of departments across the company,” Matt says. “As a team we gain a unique perspective on how objectives are achieved.”

    In his free time, Matt set up a shop in the basement of his new home where he works on building and modifying guitar electronics. He’s also in the process of building a new home studio and learning to use digital recording software. Shout out to his awesome pup, his Jack Russell Terrier named Ozzie!