Embracing Opportunities in Specialty Pharmacy with ScriptPro APCS

Embracing Opportunities in Specialty Pharmacy with ScriptPro APCS

This is part of ScriptPro’s In the Field series, which highlights ScriptPro customers engaging in unique programs that positively impact their local communities. 

Specialty pharmacy presents tremendous opportunities for community pharmacies. Different specialty pharmacy models have specific demands, but each one can be successfully pursued with the right specialty pharmacy software platform.

ComputerTalk dives into the needs and challenges around specialty in its cover story “Specialty Pharmacy: Getting the Right Tools.” Highlighted are two pharmacies making these models work, as well as the software vendors providing the right tools for each model.

One of the featured pharmacists is Mary Hoa Luu-Yik, PharmD, senior clinical care pharmacist at ProCare Pharmacy, a ScriptPro customer in Garden Grove, CA, which started their specialty pharmacy practice in 2018 and shortly thereafter decided to begin using the APCS platform from ScriptPro to handle patient management and care documentation. 

“APCS is technology that allows us to document everything we do with our specialty patients,” says Luu-Yik. For example, the ProCare staff is leveraging APCS to look for trends in adherence and improvement in efficacy and quality of life. “We need to ensure that we are documenting so many elements of our patient care,” Luu-Yik says, “down to details such as whether a patient is missing doses, their emergency contacts, and the details of our financial discussions with them.”

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