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  • MedsOnCue Brings Patient Safety into Digital Age

  • By ScriptPro
    November 28, 2017


    Meds On Cue image

    With ScriptPro’s interface with Vuca Health’s MedsOnCue, patients are able to scan a QR code on their ScriptPro vial prescription label to view videos about their specific medications. Videos are available for thousands of top-prescribed medications in both English and Spanish.

    Customers use a smartphone or other device capable of scanning a QR code on their prescription label and connect to the internet to access the informational videos. They provide comprehensive knowledge on top-prescribed medications, including proper usage, expected benefits, and potential side effects.

    Take a look at MedsOnCue to learn how patients can use the Access, Watch, and Interact functions, as well as additional value-added services offered through its interface.

    How does it actually work? Here’s a quick peek:

    • Prescriptions are processed using the pharmacy’s standard workflow; no manual intervention is required to print the QR code.
    • Based on the prescription medication, ScriptPro prints the QR Code on the Prescription Label or Rx Receipt; embedded within it is a web URL specific to the MedsOnCue patient education video.
    • Scanning the QR Code invokes playback of the educational video specific to the patient’s medication.

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