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  • Faces of ScriptPro: Lisa Angelotti

  • By Catherine VandeVelde
    October 14, 2016

    Meet ScriptPro Senior Technical Product Owner Lisa Angelotti

    Lisa works for Field Operations Configuration Management, creating new products and features while becoming the subject matter expert for several of them. Lisa is motivated by the fact that what we create at ScriptPro is used in the real world. “I love telling people when they drop off their prescriptions at a pharmacy, all the back-end processes and filling are probably done by a ScriptPro system.”

    Lisa loves working with her teammates, saying, “We’re a great group of talented and passionate people. Our goal is to make ScriptPro, and pharmacies, better by creating the best products we can.”

    When Lisa isn’t working, she’s golfing, cheering on the many KC sports teams, and supporting local charities. But most of all, Lisa loves spending with her two kids.

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