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  • Pharmacy Relocation Brings Big Gains for Pharmacist-Owner and Patients

  • By Catherine VandeVelde
    June 23, 2016

    Platte Valley Medical Center in Brighton, CO, is growing by leaps and bounds! This spring, its Medical Office Plaza 2 was unveiled, featuring 60,000 sq. ft. to house expanded and new practices.

    Platte Valley Pharmacy, Tom Gierwatoski, R.Ph., owner

    Pharmacist-Owner Tom Gierwatoski relies on his ScriptPro CRS to free up time to focus on his patients

    Tom Gierwatoski, R.Ph., owner of Platte Valley Pharmacy, along with his staff, have been excitedly watching the construction—and with good reason! They recently relocated to the first floor of the sleek, new Medical Office Plaza 2, in a prominent space. Tom notes, “Our pharmacy is the first thing you see when you walk in the door.”

    Wife Shelly Gierwatoski is the creative genius and Merchandiser for the front end. She worked with Gladson Design Group on customizing the unique, curved 3,200 sq. ft. space, and selected the colors and fixture concepts.

    The pharmacy is also home to the Medical Center’s gift shop, carrying a vast assortment of front end merchandise—you name it, you’ll find it here! In addition to compounding and prescription filling, the pharmacy is going gangbusters on durable medical supplies now. The expanded space has allowed Tom and his staff to maximize their service offerings, which considering they’re on a medical center campus, means high demand for braces, surgical boots, walkers, and a wide variety of gift items. Tom notes, “We now have room to properly display all the merchandise, truly streamline patient services, and offer a visually appealing space—or respite—to all who stop by.”

    Platte Valley Pharmacy

    Platte Valley Medical Center’s new 60,000 sq. ft. building

    Platte Valley Pharmacy

    Shelly Gierwatoski worked with Gladson Design Group on the outfitting the space

    Platte Valley Pharmacy

    The front end gift shop oversees everything from fresh flowers to children’s gift items