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  • Revitalization in Roeland Park

  • By ScriptPro
    August 1, 2018

    Nestled in Roeland Park, KS, and near ScriptPro headquarters, sits R Park, a longtime green space (5535 Juniper) for the community. Over the last four years, many additions have taken place to R Park, including athletic courts, playground equipment, and a walking paths.

    The most recent addition will be a colorful and engaging sculpture symbolizing revitalization in Roeland Park. The community was invited to a free Community Art Event on Saturday, July 21, to meet the sculptor, international artist Jorge Blanco, and enjoy homemade pie!

    R Park is short 0.9 mile walk from ScriptPro’s campus. Four years ago, ScriptPro proudly invested in this park to help develop the walking trails for the community and for ScriptPro staff to enjoy. Recently, ScriptPro contributed to the new revitalization sculpture, which is expected to be installed at R Park in May 2019. We enjoy seeing the park continue to grow and be enjoyed by all, including ScriptPro employees!

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