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  • #TeamScriptPro Helps Cornerstones of Care Kids Go Back to School

  • By Kristen Meschede
    September 4, 2019

    “I LOVE THIS DAY!” exclaimed a child during ScriptPro’s most recent Community Connection volunteer event where we partnered with Cornerstones of Care. Many of the volunteers and children shared the same feelings and we wanted to recap these very special events.

    ScriptPro employees were surveyed at the beginning of 2019 on causes they are most passionate about to help guide the Community Connection steering committee on upcoming volunteer opportunities. The top of the list in 2019 was children! We knew #TeamScriptPro had a soft spot for children when we saw the incredible participation and generous donations for the holiday party we threw for Swope Health Services in 2018. For the upcoming year, we sought opportunities that allowed ScriptPro employees to really interact with children. Cornerstones of Care was nominated as our 3rd Quarter partner and we couldn’t have asked for a better one!

    Cornerstones of Care is a Kansas City-based organization committed to improving safety and health in children, young adults, and families through a variety of services including education, mental and behavioral health, foster care and adoption, and more.

    Leading up to our volunteer event, ScriptPro hosted a Back to School Donation drive, where we challenged employees to sponsor a child and take care of all the back to school needs for 50 elementary students. As always, ScriptPro employees donated above and beyond our goal! Employees even got to personally pack a backpack and include an encouraging note for the school year to come. Extra funds from our donation drive went towards the volunteer event, a water field day!

    On a hot August 1st, 65 ScriptPro employees spent the day at Cornerstones of Care Gillis campus. The morning shift of volunteers pulled countless weeds and moved mulch to get the school grounds ready. The mid-day shift worked to coordinate the nine different field day stops ready, grilled hundreds of hot dogs for hungry kids and volunteers, and provided general support as kids arrived. Our afternoon shift ran the field day stops, accompanied kids from station to station, and just had a good time!

    Interested in supporting our friends at Cornerstones of Care? Check out the large variety of ways to help!