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  • Training Begins On-Site as Matt’s Staff Learns to Operate their ScriptPro SP 200

  • By ScriptPro
    February 26, 2014

    Two Minutes with Matt video series

    This week, we’re seeing what Day #1 with a pharmacy robot looks like – an SP 200 has just been installed at Matt’s Medicine Store. Time for hands-on training as Matt’s employees gather around the SP 200 with ScriptPro trainer, Kelly Fox.

    Fox conducts on-site training sessions in small groups to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the system.

    She also helps staff evaluate pharmacy workflow, provides suggestions for efficiency, and answers any questions that may arise.

    Among other valuable information, staff will gain firsthand knowledge on how to search for patients and prescription information, fill medication cells with new drugs, perform daily system maintenance, change labels, complete returns to stock, and print out their own badges for official access to their new automation system.

    In these videos, you’ll also see Matt’s pharmacy technicians speak about their personal experiences during training.

    Some employees were so excited that they had already chosen a name for their new “co-worker.” Rosy is ready to get to work!

    View videos below from the ‘Playlist’ to watch: Training Overview, system maintenance, changing labels, system operating badges, machine view and script view, data storage, interfaces, collating control center, filling medication cells with new drugs, returning drugs to stock, low cell quantity warning, SP operating training, and the staff’s personal experiences on training and going live.