Operate your entire pharmacy with ScriptPro. Automated vial, pouch, and blister pack filling. Powerful software to control local and central fill operations. Specialized engines for 340B, PBA, and third party management. Intelligent extensions for clinical documentation and case management.
Simply stated: We do it all!

SP Central

SP Central is the most comprehensive, powerful, and scalable pharmacy operating solution available anywhere in the world. Manage revenues and costs while providing efficiencies and features your staff will use to attract and retain patients.
  • Maximize the efficiency and accuracy of ScriptPro robotics
  • Integrate pharmacy with your EHR
  • Built-in clinical documentation and case management
  • Real-time 340B/class-of-trade processing engine
  • Easy-to-use IVR and text/video interactions with patients
  • Offer curbside or mobile dispensing with the PharmacyPro App
  • Supports pickup, refill and shipping text message notifications to customers
  • Perpetual inventory with special program to reduce procurement costs
  • Any number of Virtual inventories
  • Integrated internal/external contract pharmacy functionality
  • PBA services and contracting support to curb third party payer abuses
  • POS with mobile dispensing
  • Multiple language support
  • Support for 2D barcodes
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“We looked at ScriptPro’s Perfect Integration model because we wanted our pharmacy to operate on one platform. With ScriptPro, it is all integrated so our systems communicate and share information.”
Mark Todd
Assistant Director of Pharmacy/Tech Admin
Central Oklahoma Medical Center, Konawa, OK

Third Party Manage­ment System

Lock down contract terms and enforce PBM compliance. They audit you. Now you audit them.
  • Demand correction vs. underpayments and late payments
  • Defend against clawbacks and other unfair PBM tactics
  • Pharmacy, accounting, and finance operate from the same playbook
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“ScriptPro TPMS gives us the insight we need to manage our five retail pharmacies. The reporting tools are comprehensive and intuitive, and we use them on a daily and weekly basis. The system is incredibly helpful, while the ScriptPro business team is great to work with.”
ScriptPro TPMS Customer

Advanced Pharmacy Clinical Services

Practice at the top of your license with workflow-integrated clinical documentation and case management.
  • Complex care. Simplified.
  • Track clinical program tasks
  • Attain and maintain URAC and ACHC accreditation
  • Help patients and earn revenue from systematic chronic care management
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“ScriptPro APCS brings incredible convenience – easy to use and records everything. Templates for counseling, assessments, and reassessments come with all the questions. Data is easy to export whether for analysis or audits.”
Angelline Dao
PharmD, ProCare Pharmacy
Garden Grove, CA

Inventory Manage­ment

Automated inventory management that actually works. Expand your supplier horizon to take advantage of drug discounts and have the correct medication on hand.
  • Dynamically adjust ordering parameters
  • Real-time automated supplier catalog updates
  • Automatically return excess stock or transfer to locations where needed
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“We opened the doors of our new pharmacy with SP Central Pharmacy Management System because of the inventory management feature. We picked up the prescription business for employees at the local hospital because we have the ability to electronically separate, manage, and track multiple inventories.”
Steve Moore
Prescription Shoppe, Plattsburg, NY

Pharmacy Services Portal

Acknowledge patient arrival and guide them through your system.
  • Check-in upon arrival
  • Personalized greetings
  • Opportunities to ask questions
  • Detect and correct service exceptions in real time
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Digital tech tools for patient intake improve efficiency and the patient experience while eliminating some of the overhead in managing patient check-in.
Patient Intake Management 2018
KLAS Research


Strategies and systems to capture prescriptions and efficiently serve discharge patients. Meds-to-Beds is a proven fundamental first step towards increased medication adherence.
"We saw an important opportunity to improve our discharge process - in a way that would have an immediate impact. CMH&C's Meds-to-Beds program helps smooth the process of leaving the hospital and returning to the comforts of home."
Chip Bruce
R.Ph., Asst. Director of Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics, Kansas City, MO

Interac­tive Voice Response (IVR)

Integrated communications solution incorporating text messaging of refill and pickup reminders.
  • Text to speech imports directly into prescription record
  • Real-time status for patient refills
  • Assistance when new prescription is required


Support remote pharmacies from a central location. Connect pharmacists and patients anytime, anywhere.
  • Inspect and verify medication
  • Counsel and educate patients
"We had to present to the State Board of Pharmacy to request a waiver to operate telepharmacy. ScriptPro guided us through the process, enabling us to bring much needed pharmacy services to Grand Canyon National Park staff and visitors."
Mary Lou Brubaker
Pharmacy Residency Program Director, PA-C, PharmD
North Country HealthCare, Flagstaff, AZ

Health System Rebate Program

ScriptPro’s drug manufacturer rebate program allows hospitals and health systems to obtain monetary benefits from their drug utilization data. ScriptPro works directly with provider organizations to help them extract de-identified data from their electronic health records and provides the data to drug manufacturers yielding monthly cash payments. There is no cost to enter the rebate program. ScriptPro provides IT assistance to implement the program quickly and efficiently, with no impact on the health system’s technology platform.

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ScriptPro incorporates robotics, workflow, and pharmacy management software within a unified architecture. We call this Perfect Integration-the complete solution for your pharmacy, engineered and supported by ScriptPro.
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