25 years strong, powering the business of pharmacy

25 years strong, powering the business of pharmacy

Twenty-five years ago, the first ScriptPro robots were delivered to customers. Almost all those robots are still filling prescriptions. That's an accomplishment we are extremely proud of — it speaks to the superior engineering of ScriptPro robots and the dedication of our service teams.

This level of longevity provides tremendous value to customers and makes us unique in the industry.

  • 91% of ScriptPro robots installed in 1998 are still in service
  • With 150+ upgrades, those first robots are kept current
  • ScriptPro has never sunsetted a robot — EVER
  • Those original robots cost about $2 per hour to operate today

The staying power of ScriptPro robots has been a key driver in creating ever-expanding solutions from robotics and pharmacy software to clinical programs and financial management tools.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your partner — now and tomorrow, helping you step up and excel across every pharmacy setting to offer the highest level of patient care.

Here's the next 25. Let’s get started today!