Matt and Staff Discuss the Impact of Using Automation After the First 45 Days

Matt and Staff Discuss the Impact of Using Automation After the First 45 Days

In this week’s videos, Matt shares his observations of staff acclimation to their SP 200, and how it influences the pharmacy’s workload, while staff members discuss their personal experiences after 45 days of working with their robot, “Rosie.” How have they handled the transition? How has the robot affected their daily workload? Let’s find out.

At first, Matt was a little apprehensive about how his staff would react and adjust to the new ScriptPro automation system. As it turns out, his staff was ready for a change. They saw their script volume increasing at an uncomfortable rate, and understood the need for a solution. The transition proved to be a very pleasant one.

Not only does the ScriptPro robot save time, it also helps reduce stress levels. According to Matt, “Rosie” the robot fills prescriptions flawlessly. When he goes home at night he rests easy knowing that at least 50% of his prescriptions—the ones filled by the SP 200—contain the accurate strength and correct product.

Susan, a pharmacy technician at Matt’s Medicine Store, says that staff morale has been good since the automation system has been in place. Staff members no longer have to rush off to find bottles, so they are less tired and stressed out at the end of the day. She has only had to call ScriptPro customer service once, and says it was a great experience. Customer service was quick and easy, and she appreciated that they logged onto the machine right away, and resolved the issue without an extensive wait time on the phone.

Angel, another staff member, says that because of the time saved by using the SP 200, employees have gotten more lunch breaks and can leave earlier. At first, Angel said she thought the machine would be confusing, but she actually feels very comfortable using it. When asked if she was happy that Matt purchased the SP 200, Angel replied, “He should have gotten it a long time ago!”

All of Matt’s staff agreed that the time-saving value “Rosie” provides is vital to their business.

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