CRS 150 Helps Pharmacy Focus on Patient Needs and Customer Care

CRS 150 Helps Pharmacy Focus on Patient Needs and Customer Care

With the pharmacy motto, “Your Family is Our Family,” and a business heavily involved in the community, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to Bart Caldieraro, R.Ph., and owner of Watson’s Drug Store in Greenville, Illinois.

Caldieraro says that even before he’s flipped on the lights in his pharmacy each the morning, his CRS 150 has already filled 30 to 40 prescriptions. This provides him and his staff more time to counsel, and help customers understand their medications and how they work. By growing these relationships, he’s making customers for life.

Remembering the first week when his CRS 150 went live, Caldieraro says,

“That first Monday we hit 55% fill rate, and on Tuesday and Wednesday we hit over 50%. We knew right then the robot was the greatest addition to our business in ten years. Deciding to automate is a difficult decision, but the best one you’ll make as a pharmacy owner.”

Thorough, time-intensive research on automation was imperative for Caldieraro to make the leap to invest in a ScriptPro robot. Why did he choose a ScriptPro robot over others on the market?

“I value the reliability of ScriptPro products, the space-saving features of the CRS 150, and the great customer service.”

In fact, it was ScriptPro’s customer service that impressed Caldieraro the most. He says,

“I want to be a partner, not just a customer. We have to work together, be able to talk to each other, and help each other. Too many people have other brands of robots that are not running, and I can’t have that. If something happens with my robot I know I can count on ScriptPro’s customer service to handle it quickly and provide great service.”

“Otto the Robot is definitely an employee for life!”