White’s Pharmacy Launches Adherence Packaging with ScriptPro MP 100

White’s Pharmacy Launches Adherence Packaging with ScriptPro MP 100

Family-owned and community-loved, White’s Pharmacy opened its doors in 1965 and has grown over the years – a testament to how technology and patient-centered care go hand in hand.

The Wiggins, MS, pharmacy invested in ScriptPro automation in 2008 with the addition of an SP 200 robotic prescription dispensing system. Last month, White’s Pharmacy took another strategic leap by investing in ScriptPro’s new MP 100 medication pouch packaging system.

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White's Pharmacy testing a robotic pill packaging machine

Alexandra White, PharmD
Alexandra White, PharmD

White’s Pharmacy is celebrating another first with the latest robotic pill packaging machine from ScriptPro, the MP 100.

The MP 100 is being beta tested at White’s Pharmacy, so a select group of customers in the local community of Wiggins, MS, will receive the first prescriptions filled by the fully automated machine.

White’s already has a ScriptPro SP 200 that fills prescriptions of their top 200 medications, which marked another first when it was acquired by the pharmacy in 2008.

“It’s exciting to be the first one,” said fourth-generation pharmacist Alexandra White. “I’m thrilled to offer this to the community, to keep growing, and continue my grandfather’s legacy.”

The first prescriptions filled through the beta-testing are for 50 patients for nursing home clients. After the robot finishes each order, a pharmacist hand-checks each pouch to ensure every pill is accounted for and each dosage is accurate.

“All of the patient’s medicine are in a single, easy-to-use pouch as opposed to each pill in a different bottle,” White said.

ScriptPro MP 100 Medication Pouch Packaging System

White’s Pharmacy fills hundreds of prescriptions depending on the day, so the new robot is helping pharmacists fill orders faster and more efficiently. The MP 100 packages a full set of once-daily medications for each individual. At full capacity, the MP 100 can package up to 54 pouches per minute or up to 3,240 pouches per hour.

In medical facilities, one or more nurses are responsible for making sure dozens of patients have the correct number of pills each day. That can get complicated when one nurse has to account for over 50 patients, White says.

The individual medication pouches allow nursing home staff to have a more efficient medication schedule.

“The medication pouches make the process simpler and decrease any chance of a patient missing a dose of their medication,’ notes White.

But the pouches aren’t just for larger facilities. White said anyone who has a multi-prescription pill regime can benefit from having their medicines streamlined with the MP 100.

“It’s not just for nursing home patients, it’s also for your grandmother who can’t keep track of her morning pills,” she said. “It could be for me; maybe I just want to make things simpler.”

“We do whatever has to be done to give patients the best care,” White said.

The White family has always strived to serve their customers with cutting-edge technology.

Founder John White and Pat White at graduation at Ole Miss Pharmacy School, 1961
White's Pharmacy founder John White and Pat White at graduation, Ole Miss Pharmacy School 1961

The late John White, RPh, who graduated from Ole Miss Pharmacy School in 1961, started White’s Pharmacy in March of 1965. John Solomon, RPh, PIC, has been working for White’s Pharmacy since 1976 and been there every step of the way through each new technology advancement.

The pharmacy marked another first when it acquired a ScriptPro SP 200 robotic prescription dispensing system.

The White family’s dedication to quality customer service and improvement inspired the youngest White pharmacist from an early age.

“When I was seven years old, I would come every other weekend and work with my grandfather,” White shares. “It was such a good feeling, seeing how important my grandfather was to so many people.”

That’s what a career in pharmacy means to the White family. “It’s something you can’t explain,” White said. “It’s a love for your family and a love for taking care of people.”

-Lyndy Berryhill, Stone County Enterprise