Farmacia Marisel Sees Happier Customers and Better Workflow with ScriptPro SP 200

Farmacia Marisel Sees Happier Customers and Better Workflow with ScriptPro SP 200

The Lcda. Marisel Menchaca de Mangual, pharmacist and pharmacy owner, has been living her childhood dream for 30 years. In 1980, she founded Farmacia Marisel #1, and five years later, established Farmacia Marisel #2—both in the city of Humacao, Puerto Rico. Her commitment, dedication, professionalism, creativity, and dynamic personality are virtues that have allowed her to be successful in her field.

On multiple trips to trade shows in the United States, Marisel visited exhibitors providing automation for prescription dispensing. After careful evaluation of the different automation systems, she decided to install the ScriptPro SP 200 robot in her pharmacies. She says her experience has been amazing and rewarding. Now staff members can work in other areas behind the counter, and address these areas efficiently. They also feel confident dispensing medications through the robot, because they have seen and tested that the prescriptions have been filled correctly.

Marisel also has been a resource in pharmaceutical field-related forums and activities. She regularly participates in the segment, ‘What’s New in the Pharmacy?’, which airs on Humacao’s Radio Walo, in the program: “Health, Culture and Something More.” On the program, she interviews health professionals, as well as provides guidance on new drugs, health plans, and general advice on the field of health and pharmacy.

“I always seek ways to improve, update, and modernize our pharmacies for the benefit of our customers and co-workers,” says Marisel.

She feels that adopting the latest technologies enables their employees to be more productive, improving their relationship with customers and friends to provide better and faster service.

With help from ScriptPro automation, the pharmacy was able to double its pickup and drop-off windows since it can serve more customers more quickly. This also makes the operation more cost-effective.

“The most important result we see is that our customers are more calm and happy, as they have noticed that the dispensing time has reduced dramatically and, for us, work has become easier. My husband is my business partner and we both agree that installing the ScriptPro SP 200 robot is the best decision we have made in a long time,” says Marisel.