SP Central Workflow System Provides Special Benefits for Matt’s Medicine Store

SP Central Workflow System Provides Special Benefits for Matt’s Medicine Store

As SP Central Workflow continues to be an integral part of Matt’s pharmacy, we see firsthand how workflow can dramatically impact a pharmacy practice in many ways. This week, Matt shares with us the important features and benefits that make SP Central Workflow so vital in daily operations.

Matt is very happy with the help it provides during Audits. Instead of having to search through old, handwritten signature logs, the ScriptPro system stores signatures and prescription information electronically. Matt says this makes it easy to find information for the auditors in a matter of minutes – causing less stress and more time to practice pharmacy.

SP Central requires staff to scan a stock bottle before a label can be printed. This prevents the wrong medication from being put in the vial. This is a safeguard, says Matt,

“That’s efficiency. That affects our system, making sure that prescriptions are filled properly. It saves time, and I’m not going back and correcting an error an employee or I could have made.”

Having a picture of the medication on the label is also very helpful for Matt’s business. Nursing homes find this helpful because the nurses can check what’s on the label and verify the correct medication for a resident. That is especially useful when the drug has changed generics. The Drug Query feature also helps his customers. Recently, a parent found a tablet in their child’s room and called the pharmacy for help in identifying the medication. The system brought it up easily, and they determined quickly what it was. Fortunately, it was nothing harmful. Matt says that every week they find more useful things the machine can do.

When asked his favorite feature about SP Central, Matt says,

“Everything is done perfectly by the time it reaches me. I know when I go home at night I can relax and be sure things were done properly.”