Small Pharmacies Benefit from Compact Robot Automation

Small Pharmacies Benefit from Compact Robot Automation

If you think your pharmacy is too small for automation, think again. After years of installing the larger SP 200 and SP 100 robotic systems in their stores, Hy-Vee is automating its smaller pharmacies with ScriptPro’s Compact Robotic System (CRS).

Bob Egeland, VP of Pharmacy, says the CRS with its 7 sq. ft. footprint is the right size for many of the smaller Hy-Vee pharmacies and fits easily into any workflow.

“We get up to 40% utilization from the 75 cells in CRS, mostly due to our formulary of $4 generics that make up a large percentage of the prescriptions our pharmacies fill,” says Egeland.

The goal of automating any of the Hy-Vee stores is to reduce labor and make the pharmacy more efficient. Egeland estimates that labor is nearly 60% of the cost of dispensing a prescription. In stores with automation, they can lower that by 80 basis points. That is a significant savings!

“We use ScriptPro automation in our stores because it offers an unparalleled level of service and support. Our oldest ScriptPro robot in operation is nearly 12 years old, but it is essentially a net new machine because of ScriptPro’s level of service,” Egeland notes.

ScriptPro’s line of Compact Robotic Systems make the most of limited pharmacy space. Take a look under the hood of the CRS 150.