Matt Discusses Cost Benefits of Technology after 45 Days with ScriptPro SP 200

Matt Discusses Cost Benefits of Technology after 45 Days with ScriptPro SP 200

This week, we sit down with pharmacy owner Matt Mallinson at his home to discuss how ScriptPro automation has made an impact in terms of cost benefits to Matt’s Medicine Store 45 days after “go live.”

Having a robot they affectionately refer to as “Rosie Fillmore” as a team member urged Matt to take a closer look at the quantities ordered for their top medications. Matt found that they were using a much greater volume of top products than he previously thought—realizing he should have been buying these products in bottles of thousands instead of hundreds. This resulted in saving a significant amount of money in the number of prescriptions filled verses dollars spent.

Handling a higher volume has been another cost benefit. In fact, Matt says his pharmacy now can handle 50% more volume without any added costs!When asked why he would invest in automation now, Matt explains,

“I think that if the majority of the pharmacists in the nation want to stay in business, including myself, we have to invest in automation. As you fill a prescription, your employees cost you roughly $4.24, plus overtime, plus taxes, plus everything else that goes along with it. “Rosie Fillmore” fills prescriptions for about $1.25. The industry standard says that in the future we will be filling more prescriptions with less of a profit margin, and if that’s the case, the only way for me to stay in business is with automation.”

In regard to long-term care prescription filling, Matt says accuracy has always been a top concern. The ScriptPro automation system enables Matt to have peace of mind that long-term care prescriptions are being filled accurately every time.

From a customer service aspect, Matt notes he has more time to interact with customers. Instead of trying to hold a conversation while walking back to get a prescription, he can let “Rosie” do the work while he inquires how his customers are doing, asks about their family, and in this way enhances customer relations. He says his customers also enjoy watching their prescription being filled by the robot, and get a kick out of watching the system work. Keeping customers happy, engaged, and therefore coming back, is always a cost benefit.