ScriptPro Training Specialists Provide More Than Training

ScriptPro Training Specialists Provide More Than Training

This is part of ScriptPro’s In the Field series, which highlights ScriptPro customers engaging in unique programs that positively impact their local communities. This time, we wanted to give a shout out to our dedicated ScriptPro training staff who work ‘in the field’ every day.

Every ScriptPro hardware system install at a customer site includes a vital component – detailed, on-site training for the pharmacy’s staff. ScriptPro’s knowledgeable Training Specialists go through in-depth, in the field training with pharmacists and their staff on ScriptPro products and how they fit into the vast range of pharmacy environments.

We recently caught up with Nick Whittaker and Matt Orr, two members of the ScriptPro Training team, who were on-site at Rogers Pharmacy, St. Joseph, MO, for their second SP 200 with Collating Control Center installation.

The primary focus of the Training Specialist role is providing interactive, hands-on training with pharmacy staff. Additionally, Training Specialists complete a number of tasks to ensure all systems are working as efficiently as possible. A few of these tasks include working with staff to identify and load their fastest moving tablets and capsules into the robot, training staff on advanced features and our Customer Support Center, verifying accuracy of the robot with a variety of pill counts, completing workflow reports to document current processes for future site visits, and more. The ultimate goal is for the pharmacy to see the benefits of its new automation from the start.

“The robot alleviates a lot of the tension from the pharmacy staff and frees them up to do things they never had time to do before,” shared Matt Orr about his experience working with Rogers Pharmacy.

Rogers Pharmacy has been serving St. Joseph, MO, since 1967. In 2015, they replaced existing automation with an SP 200 with Collating Control Center (CCC). In the five years since their robot installation, they have grown their prescription volume to 1,200 prescriptions a day, moved to a larger pharmacy space, and installed their second SP 200 CCC.

“Our ScriptPro robot has freed up space, pharmacy staff, and time. It has been a godsend,” stated Pharmacy Manager Rex Robinson when asked about the impact of ScriptPro automation at Rogers Pharmacy.