Matt Explains Effect of SP Central Workflow on Customer Service and Patient Safety

Matt Explains Effect of SP Central Workflow on Customer Service and Patient Safety

This week, we’re finding out how the SP Central Workflow System helps Matt and his team improve customer service and patient safety. SP Central allows pharmacists and technicians to easily look up the exact status of each prescription.

When asked how this affects the number of interruptions Matt deals with each day, he explains that his technicians don’t need to come to him for answers, so interruptions are minimal. Without being frequently asked questions about customers’ prescriptions, Matt has more time to interact with his patrons.

SP Central also collates a patient’s order from start to finish, ensuring the customer receives all of his or her medications at one time.

When a staff member brings a bag to the register, the system shows exactly how many prescriptions there should be so none are left out, saving the customer from making a trip back to the store, and in turn, making Matt’s business look more professional.

A new step has been added to the workflow where technicians have to scan the stock bottle. When asked if this increases the time it takes to fill a prescription, Matt replies,

“Yes, and no. It may take two extra seconds to use the barcode scanner, but it forces technicians to have the right product. And if they have the right product, nine times out of ten this saves us time in the long run. We don’t have to spend time redoing things.”

Patient safety has greatly improved with the SP Central Workflow System. Matt says when a prescription is barcoded, its right. The only way it can be incorrect is through human error.

If someone types in the wrong amount of tablets to take a day, that’s where errors can occur. With technology, patients are getting the right product and amount every time.

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