Pharmacy Replaces Existing System with ScriptPro Automation and Experiences Dramatic Improvements

Pharmacy Replaces Existing System with ScriptPro Automation and Experiences Dramatic Improvements

Brian Scott, Pharm.D., Pharmacy Manager of Realo Discount Drugs, needed more time for customer care, but his current automation system wasn’t helping him accomplish this important goal.

Scott started with another company’s robot and quickly found he and his staff spent just as much time catering to the automation as they did manually filling prescriptions. The cells on the system were small and staff were constantly refilling them, cleaning the dust from electronic sensors, and restocking vials.

If they wanted to add a new generic medication, a request would have to be sent for the drug information to be added to the database, which could take up to six weeks! Calibrating a cell for a generic drug meant calling the company to get settings, or waiting for a customer service person to come to their store to adjust the settings.

When the switch was made to ScriptPro’s SP 200 robot, several key advantages of ScriptPro automation rapidly became clear.

Scott says, “There is more flexibility with a ScriptPro robot because you have the option to put it up against a wall. The cells calibrate with a turn of a thumbscrew. We can have a new generic loaded into a cell and ready to dispense in minutes instead of days or weeks. ScriptPro’s drug database is the most complete I’ve ever seen. We have yet to see a drug that isn’t already in the database.”

In addition, money is saved on vials because he can use his preferred brand for the SP 200 and for manual fill prescriptions. Scott says there is no comparison on noise level. He says the other system sounded like a vacuum cleaner running constantly behind you. When the SP 200 was first installed, they kept walking over to make sure it was running because it is so quiet!

Besides the many positive changes accomplished by using the SP 200, the primary goal Realo Discount Drugs set out to achieve is now complete.

Scott says, “Now we have the time to devote to our customers.”