Got Low Rx Volume? ScriptPro Automation Brings Big Benefits to Even Small Volume Pharmacies

Got Low Rx Volume? ScriptPro Automation Brings Big Benefits to Even Small Volume Pharmacies

If you’re thinking your pharmacy doesn’t fill enough daily prescriptions to justify investing in automation, think again!

In addition to ScriptPro robotics having shown time and again to be a very practical return on investment, there are many important reasons to take a serious look at automation – even if you’re filling well under 200 prescriptions per day.

These include:

  • Lower wait times for patients
  • Less stress on staff and improved working environment
  • Reliability, accuracy, and safety
  • Smoother workflow behind the pharmacy counter
  • Cost savings in terms of staffing and inventory
  • Potential to develop more business

No matter your daily volume or profit margin, automation will save you money and become a valuable asset for your business.

One undeniable benefit of automation is allowing staff more time to focus on patient care. With the increasing importance of CMS Star Ratings, and to stay on the preferred list for insurance companies, pharmacies must find the time for patient care and other services. This provides the chance to utilize the abilities of your skilled staff without adding new staff – hiring more staff is less cost effective than using ScriptPro robots.

At ScriptPro, we currently have many satisfied customers who work with a volume well below 200 Rx per day. Read what ScriptPro customers have to say.

Lincourt Pharmacy in Clearwater, FL, has been with ScriptPro since 2007. Their prescription volume is 165 scripts per day. Owner Louis Ladson, R.Ph., says that before automation,

“If one of the staff members called in sick, my day would be ruined because I would end up counting pills all day instead of talking to my customers and providing other services.”

  • Counting pills takes time away from patient care and other important pharmacy tasks, and can result in more errors.

Shindler’s Drug Store, located in Oregon, has been a ScriptPro customer since 2006, with a volume of 175 scripts per day. The store runs with a staff of one pharmacist and two to three technicians. According to Owner Steve Wilson, the staff was “uncomfortable” because they kept a hectic pace all day long and had little time to talk to customers.

  • A small pharmacy with lower volume probably relies on interaction with their customers to keep them “coming back.” A friendly and relaxed atmosphere will help build your volume.

Ginger’s Hometown Pharmacy in Lebanon, MO, has been with ScriptPro since 2008. They fill 130-255 scripts per day. Owner Ginger Miller, R.Ph., says,

“The machine counts and fills prescriptions while I’m doing other things. I wish I had a cost analysis on how much I save by not having to open a stock bottle, count pills, close the lid, and put it back on the shelf for every prescription. In addition, there is much less stress on me and I don’t worry about errors anymore.” She adds, “Before I had the ScriptPro robot I fell behind all the time. Now, using the SP 100, I have time to provide new services, check pricing on drug stock, do more in-store marketing, and perform many other activities that help develop my business.”

  • Time to provide new services, do more in-store marketing, and manage your contracts, is a big asset for any pharmacy with any size volume.

Southeastern Regional Medical Center Pharmacy, a ScriptPro customer since 2009, has a fill volume of 160 per day. They find the perpetual inventory feature to be a great help. According to Jeff Edge, R.Ph., Pharmacy Manager,

“The Perpetual Inventory feature has really simplified our inventory process. Our inventory is much more accurate because the ScriptPro system orders new stock automatically. It tells our wholesaler, through the electronic data interchange, what medications we need and the quantities. We can click on a button to see what we are ordering at any given time. Then the inventory is sent to us, and after a visual check to verify everything we ordered, we just click a button on the screen to automatically update our inventory count.”

  • Keeping track of inventory is simplified, and provides staff with valuable information about any transaction at any given time. Inventory stays updated and stock orders are easily maintained.

We can help you find the right robot that’s the perfect fit for your specific pharmacy setting. Contact us today and let us show you the power of pharmacy automation for low volume sites.