With ScriptPro, Eric’s Pharmacy Can Focus on Patients

With ScriptPro, Eric’s Pharmacy Can Focus on Patients

Eric’s Pharmacy has long stood out for its level of service and professionalism. Owner Eric Winegardner knows that asking his people to do more means that he needs to support them.

To keep his business running efficiently and to let staff focus on the work that mattered most to the patients, he opted to automate with ScriptPro in 2006. He hasn’t looked back. He took a moment to share his experience with ScriptPro.

What prompted you to automate?

“I didn’t want to be like everyone else, I wanted this store to be better, faster, and friendlier. We put a high value on counseling, and all patients, whether they are picking up a new prescription or a refill, are counseled by a pharmacist. ScriptPro helps free up the pharmacists to practice pharmacy. That means our pharmacists have time to share their knowledge with our patients and other medical professionals. I visited dozens of stores, looking at what worked for other pharmacies, compared systems, and talked to owners. I decided on ScriptPro for my pharmacy.”

What has impressed you about ScriptPro products?

“In the years since using the ScriptPro robot we have been very impressed with the counting accuracy and have never seen it choose the wrong product. The customer service at ScriptPro is unique in the industry. When we call in, the technicians help us right then and there; we never hear ‘I’ll have to call you back.’ The inventory management with the robot frees up money because we know at all times what stock we have on hand and what we need to order. We get 18 to 24 inventory turns per year on the drug stock in the SP 200.”

SP 200

How does the future look for Eric’s Pharmacy?

“We just opened a 4,000 square foot, state-of-the-art pharmacy that took us four years of planning. Our ScriptPro system is with us, filling about 50% of our 300 to 600 prescriptions per day.”