Under the Hood: Refilling Cells in Our Automated Dispensing System is Easy and Accurate

Under the Hood: Refilling Cells in Our Automated Dispensing System is Easy and Accurate

ScriptPro’s Automated Dispensing System makes filling or replenishing a cell quick and easy, all while using barcodes to ensure accuracy. As always, we encourage customers to “look under the hood” when considering automation. See for yourself how user friendly our dispensing system is by taking a closer look.

These simple steps below show the ease, accuracy, and rapidity of our automated dispensing system.

  1. Scan the cell’s barcode, locate the correct stock bottle, and scan its barcode. This barcode scan assures that the medication is the correct one which has been assigned to the cell.
  2. The robot updates the cell quantity automatically based on the quantity of the stock bottle you scanned.
  3. When the drug and cell match, you simply remove the cell lid and pour the tablets or capsules into the storage area of the cell.
  4. Enter the lot number and expiration date as needed, then print a new cell label and apply it to the cell.
  5. Calibrate the cell by checking the thumbscrew and adjusting it if necessary. Then replace the lid.
  6. Scan your pin and replace the cell in the correct location of the robotics cabinet.

ScriptPro leads the way in prescription dispensing. We offer a complete line of pharmacy technology that allows pharmacists to provide higher levels of patient care while controlling dispensing costs.

According to ScriptPro customer Dave Pedersen, R.Ph., Owner, “ScriptPro developed a better built machine with more checks designed into the automated dispensing system. We are able to service our customers a lot faster, and since we know the robot is accurate, we are confident in what we are dispensing.”