How to Maximize the Business Side of Your Pharmacy

How to Maximize the Business Side of Your Pharmacy

There are few choices for finding a pharmacy management system with all the features to really add value to your pharmacy, automate processes, and hold down expenses. Here are a few features to look for in a pharmacy management system.

Multiple Inventories
Becoming more common is the need to separate inventories in pharmacies, such as 340B eligible prescriptions versus regular inventory. Rather than keep track of the inventories manually, SP Central Pharmacy Management System works behind the scenes to virtually track the 340B eligible prescriptions and any other inventory designation the pharmacy maintains.

Perpetual Inventory
As every pharmacy owner knows, the way inventory is handled can make a big difference to the bottom line. Stocking too much drug inventory can tie up thousands of dollars, and too little inventory means sending out IOUs instead of prescriptions. SP Central has a perpetual inventory system that is efficient, streamlined, and automatic. For example, if a wholesaler sends a substitute drug, the substitute will automatically transmit to the record of the drug originally ordered. ScriptPro’s inventory module automatically links the items together.

Having insight into the pharmacy operation allows you to make decisions based on facts. The pharmacy reports from SP Central Pharmacy Management System are like no others. Reggie Singh, who owns several pharmacies in California, finds the reports provide information about his business that help him keep costs down and run it more efficiently. For example, he can see how many new Medicaid patients came to his pharmacy in any given month, or if new patients responded to a certain promotion or ad. Singh summed it up when he said,

“Pharmacies have to get technology. Technology lowers your costs. In the old days before computers, a pharmacy would max out at 100 prescriptions per day. Pharmacists who didn’t add a computer didn’t make it. You have to embrace technology now or you will be like the pharmacist who wouldn’t get a computer.”