Got a Small Pharmacy? ScriptPro Will Fit!

Got a Small Pharmacy? ScriptPro Will Fit!

Adding a ½-drug bay on the back of a ScriptPro robot can alleviate concerns about losing linear footage.

Over the years I have visited many pharmacies in New York City to learn about their needs and how ScriptPro might help them. Often I found pharmacies that were incredibly busy but also had very small space constraints.

These pharmacies tend to be the mainstays of neighborhoods with very loyal customers who appreciate the owner knowing their name and medical history. With pharmacies on many NY street corners, customers usually choose a particular store based on experience and customer service.

These pharmacies clearly needed automation to handle their workloads, but often they did not have enough space to fit in our SP series robots. To help them address their customers’ needs, we developed a very compact line of robots, the CRS series, which would fit into these pharmacies.

We now have SIX different sizes of robots—all using ScriptPro’s industry leading dispensing technologies. Each can be placed against a wall or have shelves on the back.

Our smallest CRS robot handles 75 drugs and takes up just 7 square feet of floor space. It is designed to fit into a standard shelving bay and will fit virtually anywhere—even in a closet.