The ScriptPro Story – Fast Forward

The ScriptPro Story – Fast Forward

Let’s jump ahead 45 years and look in on Mike Coughlin. Two degrees in Theoretical Physics, MBA, CPA, married, kids – and now we own a business consulting firm in Mission, KS.

Business Consulting Firm in Mission, KS, where we started ScriptPro in 1994.

At first we only spent a few hours a day on the ScriptPro project. Then we took a room upstairs in our little office building and put in a full-time ScriptPro employee.  

Julienne Goolsby is shown working in that upstairs room.

SP 200 Prototype System in 1995. By 1995, we had a prototype system that had many elements of our future systems, but also had many BUGS to work out. We spent three years perfecting the vial bins and creating a delivery system that worked. Fortunately, the cell design was robust from the beginning. This photo from 1995, Claire Coughlin demonstrates on our SP 200.