ScriptPro’s Pharmacy Management Software wins a 2014 Best in KLAS Award

ScriptPro’s Pharmacy Management Software wins a 2014 Best in KLAS Award

We’re proud to announce that SP Central Pharmacy Management System is ranked #1 by users according to the recently published KLAS report 2014 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services. KLAS reports that healthcare providers ranked ScriptPro’s SP Central Pharmacy Management System #1 in the category of Software Solutions—Pharmacy – Outpatient (Retail). This is the third year in which ScriptPro has received this award. The KLAS “Konfidence” index shows that ScriptPro evaluations are drawn from a larger installed based than the four other systems rated.

Reports compiled by KLAS, the leading healthcare IT research and rating firm, represent the opinions of people in organizations who actually use the technology being evaluated. Users evaluate software providers, products and services based on how well they meet the needs of their organizations.

We are honored to be able to continue to work with talented healthcare providers to create the annual Best in KLAS report. Their feedback is beneficial as vendors strive for excellence,” said Adam Gale, CEO and president of KLAS Research. “We also look forward to expanding our global research initiative to evaluate additional products and services that impact both provider and vendor success.”

According to Mike Coughlin, President and CEO of ScriptPro, “As our installed base increases, the KLAS reports are another important way that we receive objective, independent evaluations from the industry.”

To learn more about the Best in KLAS Awards, visit: KLAS Research.