Matt Talks about Present and Future Impact of Choosing the SP 200

Matt Talks about Present and Future Impact of Choosing the SP 200

In one of this week’s videos, Matt is asked,

“Are you receiving any kind of financial benefit from endorsing ScriptPro in this video?”

Matt explains,

“No, absolutely not. My reason for doing this is I think that other pharmacies need to be aware of the automation that’s out there. They need to be aware that if you stay in business your volume is going to increase and you’re going to have to figure out a way to do this on a financial basis. You’re going to have to be able to fill more prescriptions with less dollars going out. I think the way that can be done is with ScriptPro.”

He added that if he could help pull someone out of a rut, and take a step back to look at opportunities with ScriptPro on solving future problems, that’s what he really wants to get across to people.

Matt’s advice to friends in the pharmacy business regarding ScriptPro automation?

“Buy it. Buy it, buy it, buy it!”

Matt says that if he’d known three years ago what he knows today, he would have bought an SP 200, paid it off by now, and would be making more money.

When asked how ScriptPro compares to other robot vendors, Matt says that he’s been to a variety of trade shows over the years and looked at a number of machines on the market. When he talked to people with machines other than ScriptPro, they mentioned disadvantages and concerns, but when he talked to people with ScriptPro robots he never heard any disadvantages.

Matt says his store was at a crossroads, trying to determine whether to sell out and go work for someone else, or try to stay in business. They were at a point where it wasn’t fun to operate the store anymore. But they decided getting out of business wasn’t their style. The only way out of their situation was to automate. Now they have time to talk to their customers and help solve problems. Matt says,

“We have time to do our jobs. It’s fun again because we chose to automate.”

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