Matt’s Staff Adapts to the SP Central Workflow System

Matt’s Staff Adapts to the SP Central Workflow System

When we started our journey with Matt Mallison, R.Ph., he was at a crossroads. He was worried about the future of his pharmacy, and had a choice between closing shop and working for someone else, or finding a way to make his business work.

Matt knew if he wanted his pharmacy to continue to be successful and profitable, critical changes in daily operations had to take place. Although the decision to automate wasn’t an easy one, it turned out to be a business-saving solution for Matt. This week, we conclude our Two Minutes with Matt series with a look at the staff’s experiences and adaptation to the SP Central Workflow System.

Susan, a pharmacy technician at Matt’s Medicine Store, believes that SP Central has helped the pharmacy become more organized. She says,

“As far as trying to look up a customer who has signed off for a prescription, we don’t have all that paperwork to go back through like we used to. We just type in their name and its right there.”

Having this process streamlined saves employees time and stress. Susan says she can find answers to her own questions by looking up information in the system. She notes,

“It’s also much easier to scan bottles than to count everything out.”

When asked how SP Central helps manage items that are out of stock, Lisa, also a pharmacy technician, explains,

“We order from a couple different locations – our main warehouse and then we have a secondary warehouse as well. The system allows us to find out where the order came from instead of looking everywhere, and taking up time to determine the vendor.”

We appreciate Matt and his staff giving us this first-hand look at what happens when a pharmacy chooses to automate. According to Matt,

“The only way out of our situation was to automate. Now we have time to talk to our customers and help solve problems. We have time to do our jobs. It’s fun again because we chose to automate.”