Workflow Software Evaluation Guide Helps Pharmacies Make Informed Decisions

Workflow Software Evaluation Guide Helps Pharmacies Make Informed Decisions

ScriptPro’s Technology Evaluation Guide is intended as a reference guide for evaluating pharmacy workflow software systems as they are used in community pharmacy. Just as the engine drives the train, your workflow software system will become the key to pharmacy operational efficiency and productivity if you make a wise decision in your choice of automation.

Below are some key areas to focus on when determining what will work best for your pharmacy. We also provide some questions you may want to have answered before making a decision regarding workflow systems.

Dispensing Safety and Accuracy:

  • Does the system require positive barcode scan and operator identification during filling and verification?
  • To ensure accuracy, does the system display images of the drug during filling and verification?

Prescription Tracking and Filling Efficiency:

  • Does the system identify who entered, filled, verified, and dispensed each prescription, including the time and date?
  • Does the system track the patient’s entire order, including doctor and insurance authorizations and on-file prescriptions?

Key Design Issues:

  • Does the system allow users to create pharmacy specific forms that electronically capture the patient’s signature?
  • Can the system interface with an IVR system to call outbound and provide customers detailed prescription statuses, such as “Out of Stock” or “On Delivery Vehicle?”

Service and Support:

  • Is the system manufactured, sold, delivered, installed, and supported by the same company?
  • Does the vendor provide a staffed technical call center for problem resolution 24×7, including holidays and weekends, with no additional after-hours support fees?


  • Will the workflow system vendor provide implementation planning and consultation at no additional cost?
  • Does the vendor perform on-site workflow and software interface analysis prior to installing the system at no additional cost?

Software Interface:

  • Can you verify that the workflow system is currently interfacing successfully with your current pharmacy management system in other pharmacies?
  • Will the workflow system vendor take total responsibility for implementing the initial software interface?

At ScriptPro, we understand that your workflow is tremendously important and there are many factors to consider when contemplating the implementation of automated workflow technology in your business. Above are some of the main topics discussed in ScriptPro’s Technology Evaluation Guide for workflow software systems, with key questions to answer before you make a decision. View the complete guide, which we believe will be very useful in your decision-making process.