Broadlawns Medical Center Increases Safety and Reduces Stress with ScriptPro’s SP 200

Broadlawns Medical Center Increases Safety and Reduces Stress with ScriptPro’s SP 200

Since 1999, Broadlawns Medical Center Outpatient Pharmacy has depended on their SP 200 robot to handle their volume quickly and expertly, relieving staff of unneeded stress due to increased volume and safety concerns.

The workload became overwhelming for staff and they were not able to complete daily tasks – often leading to a backlog of work the following day. According to then director, Sharon Meyer, the high volume of scripts was causing burnout among remaining staff. With the SP 200 on the job, staff began the day’s work—instead of dealing with tasks from the previous day. Sharon said,

“The first thing we noticed was that the SP 200 evens out the workload and we stay caught up all the time. Even though our prescription volume increased, there was less stress on our staff.”

Safety is a critical part of any pharmacy’s business, and Sharon appreciated the quality assurance of the SP 200 barcode scanning and graphics technology.

“It has a good system of checks and balances for all transactions handled by the machine. The labeling process is slick,” she adds, “with the auxiliary labels applied automatically.”

The SP 200 drastically changed Broadlawns pharmacy workflow for the better – so much so that in 2002 Broadlawns added SP Central Workflow. Jaime Wolfe, Outpatient Pharmacy Supervisor, says,

“The biggest thing ScriptPro did for our pharmacy was to cut down on errors in terms of both the filling and dispensing processes. SP Central Workflow provides volumes of information to us that help our processes run smoothly. I can’t imagine working in a pharmacy that did not utilize ScriptPro and/or its components.”